Wednesday, October 04, 2006


The wait is over! I have been called into action!

This Saturday night, I will be performing at the Comedy Store in the Belly Room. 8:00. $10. I know, it is really short notice. Oh man, I hope I don't suck. Just kidding. I'll kick ass. Everyone always loves me and enjoys the whole night of comedy. Stop missing out. Come see the show that Aaron calls: "Something I hope to make it to next time."

I'll forgive Aaron because he writes for Friday Night Lights, which I watched last night. It was really good. What's your excuse? It's not like you write for some awesome new TV show.

Got plans for Saturday night? Call up the person you've got plans with and say the following words:

"Guess what? I have an even better idea! Let's go see my friend Kenny perform at the Comedy Store."

Then come see me perform at the Comedy Store.

Problem solved.


lyan! said...

Good Luck! Gonna have any new material, or will the soft-serve joke come out again? :P

Kenny said...

The soft serve joke will never go away.