Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hard Knock Life

Teasing a story on the growing trendiness of celebrities adopting Africans, CNN asks:

A mother or a motherland?

What a choice to make: a heritage or a home. African orphans need and want parents. Well-known White Americans -- Angelina Jolie and Madonna -- are looking to adopt. But the way those celebrities are adding to their families raises an interesting question: Is it OK for white families to raise African children? And if it is, at what cost to those orphans' identities?

Ooh, ooh! I know! The answer is: Who gives a shit?

Especially when the African orphans' answer is "I would feel happy [to be adopted by anyone]... because I have no mother," and the argument against is that "The whole issue of intercultural adoption, whether a white child in a black family or a black child in a white family, is a very controversial one."

Yawn. Call me when you are worried about something that matters. In the meantime let's go ahead and let Madonna save some kid from starving.

And by the way, where was this concern when Angelina was adopting Asian babies? I hope she knows to give Maddox little red envelopes on Chinese New Year or his life will be immeasurably poorer.


Tommaso Sciortino said...

Yeah it really is ridiculous. Especially since the people who seemed to be most concered about issue like this are 1) cable news, 2) all 5 BAMN members.

If we really thought it was bad to exchange these infants' current "identity" with the identity of "being the child of Angelina Jolie" than perhaps we should institute a policy whereby Jolie's biological children are bettered by sending them to live as an african orphan.

Tommaso Sciortino said...

What kind of identity do you have at the age of 3 anyways?

Mollynonymous said...

The identity you have at the age of three is primarily dependent on the value you feel you hold in the eyes of your parent. A child who is shown they are loved and important will have the self-image of a loved and important person. I'm not sure that ethnicity has much to do with that, but I'm sure that parenting does.