Friday, September 01, 2006


Everybody has left early for Labor Day weekend. I didn't know that offices did that. I am pretty much the last one on this floor, and I'm just procrastinating, compulsively checking email, and so forth.

When I learned of the short work day, I planned to put in an extended writing day, but then I was invited to go out for a happy hour gathering with other denizens of the office. Now I'm debating whether I should seize my chance to get to know the people I'll be working with for the next two weeks or whether to go straight to Starbucks and churn out some writin'.

I think perhaps I will swing by and see what this so called "happy hour" is all about, and investigate just how happy it really is.

Yes, my life is full of excitement. Another example:

I answered a phone call from a celebrity today. Obviously that is commonplace when you work in Hollywood, but it hasn't happened to me too many times yet. I don't want to be too specific as to which celebrity; suffice to say it's one who had a fifty million dollar contract for his hit show on Comedy Central and then ran away to Africa.


lyan! said...

Cool. Well, you could always write about the people at happy hour. But really, don't we have enough office-space-like trite out there?

As far as Vallade Chepe, cool! Did [person] sound paranoid, as if Oprah was out to get him?

I never quite understood what happened there.

crystal said...

colin quinn??

but seriously, i am trying to figure out when i can leave. both of my bosses didn't even come in today. (and i am so bored that i actually read your page.... bud ump bump!)