Monday, September 11, 2006

Casino Royale

The new Casino Royale trailer is wicked awesome. I liked Brosnan's Bond, but Daniel Craig's portrayal suggests a coldblooded ruthlessness that is utterly compelling. The stunts, while remaining spectacular and over-the-top, steer clear of Die Another Day cartoonishness and exist on a human scale. Plus they're not computer-generated, which helps a lot.

Trailers follow a pretty obvious template, but this one is a textbook example of why that template works so well. There's a marvelous build here, from the quiet intensity of the opening scene to the operatic, action-packed crecendo of the finale. It's simply a thrilling trailer, start to finish.

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akela said...

I never understood the controversy about Daniel Craig and the whole blonde thing made me think of Nina Foch but the trailer looks good. Though I'm not a Bond fan so I don't know if I'll see it.