Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Pet Sounds

You know the woman at work with the hamster? That was not a one-time thing. That hamster lives at the office! She has a hamster habitat in her office and he lives there all night long. During the day he keeps her company at work.

Maybe she got tired of it, though, because she moved the hamster's home to another woman's office. Or maybe she is simply generous enough to share the joy. "You didn't know this was a mobile home, did you?" she cooed to the hamster as she carried it.

Today the woman with the hamster brought her dog to work. It was not one of those horrible little purse rats, but an actual, respectable dog-sized dog. Something new for everyone to enjoy. Apparently the office policy is very pet-friendly.


matt said...

I'm against office dogs. I once interviewed at a place where the first thing I saw was a big, slobbery labrador wanting me to play catch with it. I was having a full-blown asthma attack by the end of the interview. Needless to say, I didn't get (or want, really) the job.

Zembla said...

It's bad enough that people keep animals in their homes.

lyan! said...

I hope this woman ups the ante to inclue other things a person could keep at home in isolation, like say Bangkok Sex Slaves