Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It's Hard Out Here For A Temp

You tell yourself that blogging isn't just something you do when you have too much free time. After all, you blog plenty even when you have tons of stuff to do. It's important. It's a priority. You have something to say, so you make time for it.

You are wrong. The thing is, blogging isn't about having a surplus of free time, it's about having a surplus of unstructured time. When you come across a week that is packed with activity to the point that you have things you must actually do, as opposed to letting them fall by the wayside and then making up for it by feeling terrible about yourself, you realize that making time to blog requires effort you cannot muster.

What I am trying to say is that I have joined the working world. Specifically, I have been temping, and so I've been working the hours of a productive member of society, with writing time crammed in afterwards.

Temping is nice because even though you work full-time hours, you don't have to carry the responsibility of your job home with you. For instance, even though right now I'm filling in for Bob Iger for a week, I don't lose any sleep over the fact that my decisions are running Disney into the ground. If it were that important, they wouldn't have hired a temp. Right?


Steve said...

Duh, you're supposed to blog while at work. That's the way normal people do it.

If you look over the time-stamps of my entries, you might notice a pattern.

Kenny said...

I know that. But that only works if you have a steady job with vague responsibilities and far-off deadlines.

So far, as a temp, I'm brought in to do grunt-work tasks that don't leave a lot of downtime (except for yesterday when I wrote these three posts). If I were to piss the day away, my lack of productivity might actually be noticed.

lyan! said...

Worst still is when you have SOOO much free time at work where you think to yourself, "Naw, I'll finish that blog later," and it sits as an uncompleted epic on your desktop for a week while you catch up on what was posted on Boing Boing since you can last remember. I tend to collect tabs like kids here collect bug-battle cards and nothing "constructive" gets done.