Monday, August 21, 2006

He Doesn't Bite And He Doesn't Squeal, He Just Runs Around On His Hamster Wheel

Someone has brought a very cute hamster in a hamster ball to the office. The women here are all delighted. Except for the rocker chick girl in the next cubicle. She is too cool for that.


matt said...

I love hamster balls. My hamster always used to get stuck behind the toilet when I put him in there. But now I wonder whether the hamster in the ball is furiously trying to escape the ball, or if he "gets it."

Sarah said...

Maybe she's not too cool for that, maybe she just realizes that she'd be squealing about a disgusting rodent scrambling around in a plastic ball.

lyan! said...

We often leave the doors and windows open here at my office and we get dragonflies, bees, and other winged-bringers-of-scourge running through all day. SOme crazy-big dragonflies let me tell ya.