Thursday, August 24, 2006

Germans Are So Hot Right Now

I’m aware that I’m a bit behind the curve in pointing out this trend—when I first noted it, I debated in my head whether it was blogworthy, and the next thing I knew my life had taken off in exciting new directions leaving me with little time for blogging—but German scientists are all the rage lately. BMW has been playing up the German engineering angle for years, but now other companies are making BMW look subtle in comparison.

Earlier this year there were those VW ads with character actor Peter Stormare as a so-hip-he’s-square-and-back-to-hip-again “German engineer”—so German he says “Deutchland”—who, with the help of his German supermodel sidekick, would violently “un-pimp” the rides of hip-hop styled poseurs. (In a whiplash-inducing tonal U-turn, VW immediately followed this campaign with one in which car crashes were played for viscerally upsetting shock rather than laughs.)

It must have worked, because now Dodge wants its own German scientist. If you think that makes no sense, you are forgetting they have the DaimlerChrysler merger to fall back on. These aren’t your average American cars haphazardly slapped together by a half-drunk dropout of a failed public school system, no, they are designed by smart people we can trust: Germans! The German engineering community is here embodied by the kindly Doctor Z, ever-receptive to questions from the average man, who makes feeble jokes for the benefit of visiting schoolchildren and takes nosy interviewers for sadistic thrill rides culminating in a deliberate and terrifying crash.

Okay, so Dr. Z is supposed to be the DaimlerChrysler chairman, not an engineer, but seriously, I didn't realize that until I searched for those YouTube links, so who cares?

Who will be the next carmaker to jump on this German-engineered, precision-tuned bandwagon?

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Anonymous said...

FYI, DR Z is really DC's chairman, not an actor...