Saturday, July 29, 2006

In The 310

Well, it seems that the long-looming area code overlay has kicked in. You see, on account of everybody these days having a million phones, there's a new area code on the LA Westside, which means that now you have to specify whether you want a number in the 310 area code or the new one I don't remember. In fact, you even have to dial 310 if you are 310 calling another 310. Every call is now an eleven digit dial. Can you imagine?

Good thing everybody has cell phone address books now and only 1% of calls still involve actual dialing. Some calls involve so many button presses to get through your address book, you start to realize your finger would have had to execute fewer total button-pressing motions if only your brain were still wired to actually remember people's phone numbers. Maybe that's the reason for the eleven digit dial, to make address book speed dial seem convenient again.

Remember knowing phone numbers? I used to do it all the time, back in the '80s and '90s. Knowing your friends phone numbers by heart is so retro. If I ever got stranded somewhere without a cell phone and had to call a friend, I would be reduced to a whimpering, incoherent mess huddled in a corner next to one of those artifacts known as a pay phone. I think I know my own land line. That is about it. I know my parents' cell phone numbers; they are vestigial memories from the days in which I knew phone numbers.


Tommaso Sciortino said...

I keep my phone numbers online but yeah, that won't help me much if I'm caught in the middle of nowhere without my phone.

Steve said...

You still have a landline? That's so first half of this decade.

Kenny said...

If I didn't have a landline, how would I ever receive offers regarding student loan consolidation and mortgage refinancing for the home I own, not to mention all the thoughtful calls from cardholder services?

blafard said...

you can get those on a cell phone. you just have to manually add your number to the right national directories. And come on, get with the picture, LA... NYC has had 11-digit dialing since you were only knee-high to a turnip.