Monday, June 05, 2006


The problem with the premise of Accepted is that it hinges on the notion that getting into college is hard. Oh sure, your dream school, your Ivy Leagues, maybe that's difficult. But if your dream is just "college," well, you have to be a pretty big loser not to find anything. And Justin Long and his friends just don't come across as stupid or lazy enough for that, especially when they prove themselves capable of the elaborate hoax that makes up the rest of the movie.

Besides, there's already such a thing as a school that accepts everyone. Does this story exist in a world without community college? Most people tend to try that before leasing a building and starting a fake school.

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C said...

S.H.I.T.-- hilarious, what other dirty words can we make acronyms out of.

but really, i'll be seeing that as soon as it gets to the $3 theater. i totally have a crush on Justin Long.