Monday, June 26, 2006

Stand In The Place Where You Live

After years of saying maybe someday I'll do stand-up again, I started doing stand-up again. After some open mics to get back into the swing of things, I did a show at the Comedy Store on Saturday night.

I invited a bunch of people to come watch, and to my surprise, a lot of people actually came. In fact, I had more guests than anyone else, which meant that I got to choose my slot in the lineup. The show went really well.

They recorded the show and I should be able to get a copy, so I may post the performance in the future, assuming the quality is decent and I don't look stupid in it or something. Ah, vanity! No, just kidding. I never look stupid.

Actually, I've noticed that a lot of comics post their videos on YouTube. The baffling part is they'll post their performances even if they don't do all that well.

Stephanie wants to cuddle, so I have to go now.


lyan! said...

I was about to say something positive, but that last sentence killed it. You suck, and you're bad.

Seriously, don't write that.

lydia said...

I thought it was cute. But then, I interpreted it as Stephanie not wanting to cuddle at all, and it was just Kenny trying to make himself look cool in that "I do stand-up, but unlike most of my fellow comedians, I have a girlfriend" sort of way.

Zembla said...

Congratulations. Do you use any of your old material from the Berkeley days?

Kenny said...

A lot of it, yes. I've added some new jokes and bits but the bulk of it has been performed in Berkeley. The half-Asian stuff remains a big chunk of the act. As for the rest, it leans more on the short, dark, and absurd jokes I used a lot in the later Berkeley years, and I'm trying to stay away from the Seinfeldian observational humor that I used early on, like the cereal mascot bit or the now-obsolete bit about ice gum.

Sorry about the cuddling thing.

But it was true.

C said...

I was there. I meant to blog it, but I’m too busy this week.

Kenny was great, and most of his material was new to me. I guess, because I wasn’t in Berkeley for the last year. He definitely held his own, the only one who gave him a run for his money was one girl whose credits made her sound like a super pro. I recognized one guy from last coming standing (he didn’t make it into the house), he wasn’t remarkable, but if he were an amazon listing his SIP would be “broke-ass Lenny Kravitz,” which is what made me remember him. I’m definitely looking forward to more Kenny stand-up in the future, preferably when parking costs less than $15, and the host is less offensive. She was ugly, and unfunny—not a particularly good combo.

Besides the actual good comedy coming from Kenny, and a few others, was a black guy who brought his crazy family member. I knew he would be trouble when he walked on stage carrying a full 8.5x11” page of notes (surprisingly he didn’t read off the paper, or even, really look at it). But crazy lady was fantastic. She was wearing orange pants with an orange shirt that said something about God making her perfect. She was fat, and shaped rather like humpty-dumpty, and she rocked back and forth when she laughed. And her laugh sounded like Outkast. She was quite a character, and much more interesting than her comedian. I don’t think he told a single original joke, and actually had the audacity to go on stage and tell the “that dress doesn’t make you look fat, your fat makes you look fat,” earnestly.