Friday, June 16, 2006

Ripe For The Pickens

This news story is subtly hilarious in many ways.

Billionaire's Son Charged With Burglary

CORNWALL, Conn. (AP) -- The son of billionaire oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens was charged with burglary after he was found hiding under a table in a fly fishing shop, authorities said.

Michael Pickens, 51, spent three days in jail following his arraignment Monday in Bantam Superior Court.

He was found Sunday inside the Housatonic Meadows Fly Shop after the store's owner noticed something wrong and called police, according to state police. State police said investigators found a nearby stash of items taken from the shop and found Pickens groggy and hiding under a table inside.

T. Boone Pickens?! An oil tycoon named T. Boone Pickens? Is he a cartoon?

The son is 51!? And still burglarizing...

A fly fishing shop? Called Housatonic Meadows Fly Shop? And hiding under a table? This whole story is delightful. I really love it. What a wonderful world.


Elizabeth said...

what would make it even better would be if the bantam superior court logo had a chicken on it.

latke said...

HA! There is no better comedy than real life.