Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Other Sister

Is boxing right after a nose job really such a good idea?

Ashlee Simpson post-nose-job looks pretty good, for a completely different person. She could go into the Witness Protection Program now if she wanted to. Well, not now. Now it's too late. But she could have.

She actually looks a little bit better than Jessica. Some speculate that Jessica had work done herself, which would not be at all surprising. In fact, it would explain why her face, while theoretically beautiful, has a creepy fakeness to it that cannot be entirely attributed to her vacant, soulless eyes. Still, Ashlee lacks the character she used to have, when her down-to-earth looks kept her humanized. In fact, even pre-nose-job, I thought Ashlee looked better, if only because Jessica's overly sculpted plastic face frightened me.

Maybe career-wise it was necessary to appear to be a different person. Already it's hard to connect this strange new face with the SNL debacle or the SuperBowl booing, even if intellectually we know it's the same girl. Just as long as she doesn't screw up again. After all, you can only rearrange your face so many times.


lyan! said...

I think all plastic surgery ls wrong. Braces included. I realize that straight teeth look nicer, but to demonize plastic surgery, I'm willing to go snaggletooth.

matt said...

Boy, those Simpson sisters have some teeth on them, don't they?

I don't think Ashlee is prettier than Jessica. She still has that stupid chin. I think Jessica pre-plastic surgery is cuter than post, however.