Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Nothing In Particular

The Dozens

MTV has a show called Yo Momma, wherein young urban people play what used to be called "The Dozens." Wilmer Valderrama hosts and judges, although the participants' actual mommas also appear to lend support and judge the proceedings in some capacity. Seeing Valderrama out of his Fez character and in his real life character of super-cool Hollywood guy is pretty obnoxious, but apparently that's what it takes to make the transition from Fox sitcom star to hip celebrity-for-celebrity's sake. Too bad Frankie Muniz's MTV show never took off (true!) or he might be scoring with the Lindsay Lohans and Mandy Moores out there instead of running off to race cars.

Cheaper by the Dozens

I always enjoy the Onion AV Club, and this installment of Commentary Tracks of the Damned is especially good. There's a wonderful build to it, culminating in my favorite "commentary in a nutshell" ever.

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