Thursday, June 29, 2006


Next year, Dark Horse Comics is releasing the new Gunsmith Cats series, Gunsmith Cats Burst, along with a re-release of the original series.

Which means I suppose I'll have to re-buy the original series.

I wouldn't do this for any other title, but GSC is absolutely my favorite manga. Of course, I didn't read all that many different mangas during my relatively short time as a big anime nerd, but if any title can beat the girls, guns and cars of GSC, not to mention the clean, detailed artwork and visceral, inventive action scenes, I'd like to see it. (No, seriously, I would.)

The re-release will have some additional material along with unflipped artwork. As nice as it is to be able to show someone a GSC book without having to explain how to read a manga backwards, you eventually have to face the maddening fact that every car has its steering wheel on the wrong side. And in a series where cars are featured as prominently as they are in GSC, well, I'm afraid it's worth it to me to have that corrected.

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