Friday, May 05, 2006

Unrealisticness In Freaky Friday (2003)

- When Mark Harmon drops off Jamie Lee Curtis near her office on Santa Monica's Third Street Promenade, he is shown actually driving down Third Street, right past the spitting Triceratops statue. Yet later Jamie Lee Curtis is shown walking down the middle of the street, which has reverted to its actual status as a pedestrian walkway.

- There is no way Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan could get from their neighborhood (someplace near the beach and PCH, presumably Pacific Palisades or Malibu) to Old Chinatown and back, all within lunch hour, in LA traffic.

- That Mark Harmon would book fiancee Jamie Lee Curtis on a talk show and not tell her until they arrive on set is simply preposterous.

- Chinese people do not serve fortune cookies with the power to make people switch bodies. You're thinking of Jews.

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Kid Fabulous said...

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Didn't see the movie, but I like commenting on your comments:

- street switch: that's the "magic of movies!"
- lunch hour: again, magic.
- talk show: what an asshole, but, this brand of ditziness exists. Seen it firsthand.
- Magic fortune cookies: Jewish fortune cookies. Riiiight. But, if you're Jewish, and you switch bodies, does that mean you are no longer born of a Jewish mother, and thus, no longer Jewish??? ..Maybe it wasn't the cookies after all. Perhaps it was the MSG. The Metaphysical Switch Genome, when taken in great quantities, causes your chi to switch bodies. And to cease you from being Jewish. Makes you Chinese. I'm just rambling here. [forehead smack!]