Sunday, May 07, 2006

Official Premiere

Okay, so it's been announced: American Shopper will screen on June 6, at 8 PM, at the Ramada Encore Hotel, Fabian Way, Swansea as part of the Swansea Film Festival. So if you happen to be 188 miles west of London this June, check it out!

UPDATE: We are also nominated for an award in the "Best Under 35 Minutes" category. However, we were not nominated in the "Best Under 20 Minutes" category, so there must have been a lot of strong films under twenty minutes and not so many strong films between twenty and thirty-five minutes. It is too bad we can't be there.


Boback said...


Anonymous said...

Why do I feel like a screening on 6.6.06 is trying to say something....maybe it's the signs all over town.

Zack said...

What do those signs mean? It's a Tuesday, so ... album release? Game release? It seems unlikely. If it's just fundamentalist nutjobs I am going to be disappointed in the power of crass commercialism AND the decision making power of religious types. Come on! When the churches of yore conned the working man out of his money, we got St Sophia and The Colossus of Rhodes and that giant Afghan Buddha that the Taliban fucked up.

Guys I have been reading The Cartoon History of the Universe.

Zembla said...

The remake of "The Omen" opens that same day, which is what those signs are for.

Zack said...

Alright, that's cool then. So long as somebody is making money.

Kenny, this is pretty awesome.

Kid Fabulous said...

That's so fucking sweet. Congrats!

I say take the hop across the pond. Make it *special.*

Hope ya win.