Friday, May 05, 2006

Nice Rack

So LA Times newsracks were wired to play the Mission: Impossible theme in an obnoxious new publicity stunt, and LA bomb squads were called in to blow up the newsracks when people saw the wires and suspected bombs.

Hilarious, right? Well, is it still hilarious when it results in not only the waste of taxpayer dollars and the diversion of law enforcement personnel, but also the forced evacuation of a veteran's hospital?

Okay, I guess it is.

I hold Tom Cruise personally responsible for putting every one of those lives at risk. I know, it's not like he makes all the promotional decisions himself, but come on. It's so stupid and ridiculous, doesn't it totally seem like something he would do?

I've been seeing the M:i:iii newsracks for a while, but the other day I looked closely at one for the first time, and saw the exposed wires for myself. It does look fishy. Would it be too much to ask for them to add a sticker pointing to the wires, labeled "NOT A BOMB"? It wouldn't have to be too expensive. Someone could just go around and write it in Sharpie. I think that would set people's minds at ease.

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Kid Fabulous said...

Wow. Some ad guy is totally fired.

I have to say, though, good idea, poor execution.

Good idea, in that I wouldn't be surprised if five or ten years from now, all newsracks are wired to play some kind of advertising when opened - that is, if paper news still exists - because, well, just think of the advertising dollars! Papers could make millions! It's an untapped market for sure. So for that, maybe that guy that's going to get fired was a pioneer too early for his time.

Of course, the poor execution is that despite all this planning months ahead of time, no one bothered - as you noted - to even *label* the devices as harmless, or alert building owners and the public at large that this was part of an ad campaign. I mean, how stupid. Mission: Idiotic.

Yet, in spite of all that - and I'm SO with you on Tom Cruise being a douche - I am really looking forward to MI:3. Why? I saw J.J. Abrams talk about it at Wondercon earlier this year, saw the reel of P.S. Hoffman being interrogated on the airplane, and gosh darn it, it looks damn good for an action film.

**verification word: "mefoxi" - HA!**