Friday, May 05, 2006

New KBweb Beta

I've been thinking about how maintaining KBweb is basically stupid. I like having web presence, but no one ever really looks at it, and I have this blog now which people do look at. More importantly, the Homestead account costs actual money, and has for a while, which is admittedly a complete and total waste. Recently I've been thinking that a MySpace profile might fulfill much of the same purpose, but that would mean creating an unironic MySpace presence, which is something I'm not quite ready to do.

But upon hearing that Google offers webspace now, I realized that this could be the ideal substitute for the Homestead version of KBweb. I don't know what happened to the Squelch site, but my Squelch links page hasn't worked for a while now, and I don't need to host the Squelch movie now that Google Video and YouTube exist. And it turns out Google actually gives me the space to upload my stand-up mp3. So that's pretty much it. It looks like KBweb has a new home.


Zembla said...

I wonder what's wrong with the site. If you follow a link from a Google search, you also get an error message.

lydia said...

Kenny is a great guy. I like him.

By the way, I channeled you tonight in Cinco de Mayo celebrations with Zack and SM and maybe Steve Miller. Mind you, this was after 3 pitchers of beer, a tequila cocktail, and a couple whiskey and Cokes. Still, you got a platinum on The Joker!

Simon said...

The Squelch site works. But all the article id numbers are different now.

As I understand it, when we had to change servers last year, a lot of things had to change on the database end. Also, in an only partially successful attempt to fix all these display bugs that makes ellipses and quotation marks look like asian characters, entries had to be edited and rebuilt en masse.

If you use the archives feature and search for one word from the title of each article, you can find the links for each pretty easily.

I'm unsure why google's spider isn't getting the new pages. I guess it's basing things off old links that no longer point anywhere.

Tommaso Sciortino said...

It takes about five seconds to resubmit the pages to google. submit each of the archive pages and that should do it.

C said...

did you get your webspace immediately? it took me like 1-2 wks.

Kenny said...

I read your post again yesterday and noticed the part about Google, which I'd missed the first time I read it, then immediately created the webspace and there it was. Instantaneous.