Friday, May 19, 2006

Down Will Come Baby

No wonder Britney is working on a new baby. The current one will be dead by the time the new one is born anyway. What with the no-car-seat/improperly-used-car-seat/defective-high-chair/he-fell-on-his-head-and-fractured-his-skull-two-weeks-ago-and-we're-just-bringing-him-to-the-hospital-now approach to parenting. To be fair, it's probably not worth putting too much effort into Sean Preston since by now his brain damage is severe and irreversible.

Note that the picture on the right probably came first, since you can still see the hat falling off the baby. I like how the bodyguard looks like he should be a character in an SNL sketch. Posted by Picasa


lyan! said...

Yeah he does.

Luis said...