Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Straight Outta Cybertron

A while back, Mini was using the image of a Mini-based Transformer robot in billboards and online. You can still go see it at their website if you click on Build Your Own>Robot.

But now there is a Citroen ad that takes the idea and goes one better--a fully animated, dancing Citroen Transformer. As if that's not enough, it even transforms using the same method as most of the Autobots: split rear half becomes the feet, front end becomes chest, rotate 180 degrees at waist so that all the recognizable car parts face front. After the Mini ad, maybe it's not so original, but big points for follow-through.


Zack said...

I thought Citroen was a spirit, as in something that makes people tipsy. Now it's a car? Way to send the right message, guys. Can we have a High Life next? I will not be satisfied until I see a Pontiac Firewater take on a Ford Rager/Bender in a demolition derby fight to the finish.

Kenny said...

Well, it's not a car sold in America, so normally you wouldn't have to think about it.