Saturday, April 22, 2006


So I guess for that Swansea Film Festival thing that solicited American Shopper, people are supposed to vote on the top 50. Are those the only ones that get a screening? I don't know. This was not made clear to me. Honestly I haven't been paying much attention.

But there are two weeks left in the voting, so the least I can do is marshall the forces of my blog readership. Let's all go to the Netcasting page with American Shopper on it, and click on the "V" to vote for it and see what happens.

Okay, what happens is that the "V" is an email link to That seems like a pain in the ass. We have to send an email? Saying what, "I vote for this movie?"

You know what, if anyone's willing to go to that trouble for me, I'd appreciate it.


cyshas said...

OK I sent the e-mail...hopefully I won't get a ton of spam.

Boback said...


lydia said...

Consider it a late Plan B Day present.

At least if we get spammed, it'll be Welsh spam, right? spammy-rarebits. Mmm.