Sunday, April 09, 2006

Batman Lego!

In Downtown Disney there is a Lego store, and the Lego store has this full-size Batman built out of Lego:

These gigantic Lego sculptures are kind of old hat by now, but when you see one you really like, it's still pretty cool. They also had Darth Vader and R2D2. Anyway, the Batman was there because there is a line of awesome Lego Batman toys! The weird thing is I think I actually did see an ad for them somewhere but it didn't quite register until I saw the toys in the store in person. I was instantly smitten and for the rest of the weekend I couldn't stop thinking about buying them.

I had to get the Batmobile/Two-Face set, and Catwoman and her cat-cycle were too cute to pass up, even though Batman's dragster is a bit redundant when you've got a Batmobile around. Each set came with a different style Batman. You'll notice one is the 1989 movie-style Batman while the other is the Year One/Current comics style Batman.

On the packages they have mini-comics drawn in the Lego style:

In case you can't see it, the last two panels show Batman in his dragster shooting down one of those Chat Noir French cat posters so that it falls on Catwoman, and Catwoman blowing a kiss to an annoyed Batman as she sits in the wreckage. Crime fighting has never been so delightful.

UPDATE: New, clearer scan of mini-comic posted. You can't really tell from the small view, but if you click on it you should be able to see more detail.


Villa said...
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lydia said...

My affection for Batman reeks of Karaoke Revolution songs in which I get to channel Kenny.

Zack says I'm a snake chasing a pretzel-mouse. He didn't say those exact words, but that's my best interpretation.

Kenny said...

I understood none of that.

Zack said...

What Lydia was trying to say:
"I appreciate and even feel some warmth regarding Batman because it is, like goofy-throated, Byerlized karaoke, something that I cannot think of without thinking of Kenny, and therefore something I can't help but enjoy at least a little."

What Zack did say:
"Okay, you know those cartoons where a snake is chasing a mouse, and the mouse is jumping around and the snake ties itself up into a pretzel? You're the snake, and the mouse is the sentence you tried to write."

Zack said...

Kenny, I need Need NEED a bigger, cleaner photo/scan of that Lego comic. Last panel especially.

reideen1313 said...
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reideen1313 said...

Too bad you can't edit comments...

Anyway, Zack, I've got all of the Batman LEGO comics on my blog. They're the hi res originals from LEGO.

Feel free to check 'em out. They were posted in Feb 06. Go to that archive and scroll down.