Thursday, March 30, 2006

Talent, Served Raw

This somewhat goofy-looking kid is a gifted impressionist with too much free time and, seemingly, too few friends. But that's okay, because a friend's involvement would only dilute the 100-proof talent on display.

He makes videos re-enacting his favorite movie scenes with no resource save his spot-on impersonations. This scene from Princess Bride has eclipsed even his other scenes in popularity, garnering a whopping 43,864 views in under a week. They are all worth checking out. I quite like the scene from Angels With Filthy Souls, the made-up gangster movie from Home Alone.


Simon said...

Boy he gets little parts of the inflection really perfect, though I think he almost totally misses the sort of delirious panic-like energy that characterized the original exchange.

Once more with more energy please.

Still, quite impressive.

Anonymous said...

Oh my. First, he said "was" instead of "is" in one place which totally defeats his purpose. "Man was mortal." Last time I checked, "man is mortal."

Secondly, that has to be one of the finest scenes in Cinema History. But why, oh why, if you have NO friends to play the mute but important prop Buttercup would you even bother? Where is the tension of the scene? It's in Buttercup's threatened life! For my Nina scene, I wanted to do this scene at first, except I was told I couldn't because it is a three person scene and it's too long. But his Wallace Shawn was pretty good.

Dude. This is the kind of thing that makes me question if the internet is such a great invention or not, though. Eh.


Zack said...

I question Buttercup's importance in the scene. I think the grass and sky are more important. Two dudes drinking poison at a table out on a hilltop somewhere. That's great. Buttercup is important in this scene like Penelope is important in Donkey Kong.

Also, Kenny, all your friends think you're crazy for liking this kid. Nota bene, brah!

Cassie said...

Though loath to admit it, that was more enjoyable than I thought it would be. How old is he?

Sarah said...

I enjoyed the Home Alone tribute, since I, personally, have acted out the same thing, and may or may not have recited the whole thing along with him.