Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Go, Ocho!

There was a Herbie reference on The Daily Show a few weeks ago, but I didn't bother to get the screenshot on my computer until recently. This was in the context of a bit about the hit Turkish movie that cast Americans as cartoonishly evil villains. Here Jon Stewart presents past hit films from the region, including Herbie Goes Bananas and then is Stoned to Death for Immorality.

Ah, Herbie Goes Bananas. Not a great movie, but certainly an enduring title. Posted by Picasa

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Steve said...

I was scrolling down my friends list without paying much attention, and saw this picture without seeing who had posted it. My first reaction was "Oh, a picture of Herbie. I should tell Kenny."

So basically, you've made it so that the first thing I think of when I see Herbie is you. I hope you're proud.