Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Disappointment Television

Damn you, UPN, and your randomly scheduled reruns of Everybody Hates Chris. Last week Scrubs, a really awesome show that I like better all the time, ended on a masterful, truly heartbreaking cliffhanger... and this week, TiVo missed the follow-up because UPN slotted in a Chris unexpectedly.

TiVo also missed Malcolm on Sunday because of a mix-up involving the Oscars. These days, shows don't get rerun as much, so it may be hard to catch a second airing.


Sarah said...

Change it to record new episodes only. If you're interested in watching reruns sometime, thumbs-up it a bunch. This is what I do with Good Eats, a show that has a billion reruns and only occasional new episodes.

Kenny said...

I switched it to new eps only. I also downgraded its priority. Thanks for the thumbs-up tip.