Friday, March 10, 2006

Another Cars Trailer

There's yet another trailer up for Pixar's Cars, and it's looking pretty slick. The movement is organic and somehow very satisfying to watch, striking a nice balance between cartoonishness and photorealism. And the race scenes are miles better than the stiff, boring filler from the first teaser. It's come a long way.

I'm kind of getting used to the windshield eyes, I guess--seeing the cars move and interact with each other helps sell it. It's still a really weird world, though--a world populated by cars and no people ultimately just doesn't make any sense. Even something like A Bug's Life is more believable, because you figure, okay, if bugs were sentient and intelligent and had articulated fingers, maybe they could do all this stuff and build these things and we might not notice. But seriously, how do cars build other cars, and buildings, and stuff? They don't even have hands! Where does all the human world infrastructure come from? The world breaks down at some point, so you just have to purposely not think about it.

Here's another trailer that's ugly and less slick, and even includes some of that boring, seemingly unfinished race work from the teaser, but which seems to show more of the story.

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