Sunday, February 05, 2006

Fever Fever

Okay, the videoblogging is about to get a little excessive. For that I apologize.

YouTube is a treasure trove of Puffy AmiYumi videos. Just a few years ago I paid $30 and made two trips to San Francisco's Japantown for two video tapes full of mostly mediocre J-pop videos, just because there were a couple of Puffy clips buried within. Granted, there were a few other gems in there too, but a lot of chaff as well, to mix a metaphor. Now there are tons of Puffy videos readily available. It is a wonderful thing.

Many of the videos, especially the earliest ones, are a bit dull by American music video standards. They can be repetitive, and often simply feature Ami and Yumi prancing around a given location. But the girls are so stylish and fun to watch that even these are okay. I've selected a few of the most notable videos below, even though it may seem that I've just posted all of them.

This video for "Boogie Woogie No. 5" is a solid place to start. The video is not that interesting, but the song is one of their best known, and the outfits here are really cute, especially the raglan tees with the long denim skirts and sneakers. The bowling shirts are nice too. I really like Yumi's hair here.

"Mother" is a sweet, lovely song and it boasts one of the most distinctive videos of the bunch. Animated dolls. Cynthia, animated dolls! It's wicked cool.

"Nice Buddy" is a new song, it seems. The video's based around a well-done special effect, and the girls are cute as always.

"True Asia" was their first big single, according to whoever posted this video. The video is pretty dated looking--the girls look like they just walked off the first season of Friends or something--but there are some cool visuals. The guy dressed as a 10MB computer chip makes it worthwhile.

"Puffy De Rumba" is not one of my favorite songs, but the video is one of the weirder, more stylish ones here. Don't miss Puffy feeding Jimi Hendrix a magic mushroom.

"Brand New Days" is a little underwhelming video-wise, but the song rocks, and I like the washed-out colors and how the girls look really cool. Like, jeans commercial cool.

"Wild Girls on Circuit" is another classic song, and offers some of the cartoonishly bad special effects that are so cute in J-pop videos.

"Joining a Fanclub" is another one of their newer tunes. Very catchy, plus some fun slo-mo in the video. I believe I once mentioned this video to Lydia and she wanted to see it. It was BoingBoinged a long time ago and described as reminscent of bukkake. Shame about Yumi's hair in this one, though.

Finally, a commercial. I think one reason Japanese commercials seem so funny is that they're half the length of American commercials. Fifteen seconds instead of thirty. So everything is a frantically paced non-sequitur, and they're over before you even know what happened.


Okay, one more. This video is just a bunch of concert footage, but it looks like there're clips from the Spaceland show I went to see with Romie.


lydia said...

You catch flan with your MOUTH. Not your hands! What was Puffy thinking??? I wish I had some flan flying at me right now.

Boogie No, 5 is good (I love Yumi's hair in that too!) but it's taking awhile to load, and I'm real sleepy. Will have to watch the second half of that and the rest of the videos tomorrow. Thanks, Kenny!

Zack said...

"Joining a Fanclub" is my favorite, definitely.