Monday, February 13, 2006

Catching Mono

Ray Bradbury is right. An LA monorail system would be fucking awesome.

Unfortunately, the biggest obstacles to widespread monorail acceptance are its presence in Tomorrowland and that classic episode of The Simpsons. Together they have made monorails a laughingstock. Everyone knows that once something appears in Tomorrowland, it is automatically too stupid to be a part of the real future.

But the fact that Bradbury's editorial surfaced at the same time as the Puppy Monorail is a good sign. Monorails are out there again; they're part of the zeitgeist. We just need a critical mass of pro-monorail sentiment and LA will be saved.


lydia said...

Ohhhhh my gosh. I would ride the puppy monorail over BART any day!

Zack said...

Wow, Ray Bradbury is still alive? Not to trivialize his monorail evangelism, but wow.

Tomorrowland's Autopia didn't kill the freeway. You might argue that it was neutralized by Fantasyland's Autopia, but Tomorrowland's is now the one true Autopia. Therefore, the freeways will fall.

All that the Simpsons episode killed is the word monorail. If we call them skycars or skybeams or some dopey shit like that things will be fine.

matt said...

"Ray Bradbury is still alive?" was also Meli's reaction to this story.

Maybe his OpEd would have been more effective if he had called it "MPH 55: The Speed at which Monorail Cars Travel."

lyan! said...

There was also the monorail in Batman Begins that looks, well, like a big pile of puke running above the streets. As much as I'm for the idea of Los Angles becoming, a place to live in (cause it sure ain't now), monorails look stupid. Maybe if they made them invisible like this, but they won't, so I'll pass.

LA might become cool again when we use up all the oil next year, but it'll probably more than the one year.

lyan! said...

I'd like to revise my statement about the monorail looking like a pile of puke to be instead, a big long and briming puke-trough hovering precariously over Gotham. That is all.