Friday, February 03, 2006

The Blog Is Mightier Than The Respiratory Ailments

So Paul Clinton, the CNN film reviewer whose King Kong review I dissed in a brutal and uncomfortably vulgar fashion, has died.

I am pretty sure he Googled his name, found my post, and lost the will to live.

Way to make me feel like a dick, Paul. Thanks a lot.


Zack said...

Well, if you read the article you linked, it seems like he was unable to contain his enthusiasm for movies he liked. I guess he really enjoyed his job, but that Kong review (and probably his others) aren't really any more insightful than random Internet forum posts. Hey, Gamefaqs user, how's the new Zelda game? Oh, it's totally awesome, with uber graphics and 100 hours of gameplay? Miyamoto is truley a genius? Thanks, Gamefaqs user. Now I can make an informed purchasing decision.

He was probably a nice guy, but if any profession opens itself up to criticism, it's criticism itself. I hope he didn't hurt much at his end. I hope he enjoyed his life half as much as he enjoyed King Kong. I hope his family gets by alright. But, yeah, that Kong review was a shitty review.

Don't beat yourself up, Kenny. I mean, your slam consisted mostly of stale cocksucking/teabagging jokes and insinuations of homosexuality. Well, beat yourself up over an unoriginal, underwhelming slam, but not for feelings possibly hurt. If your blog post did him in, it could just as well have been a yo momma joke.

People have a tendency to see meaningful connections between trivially connected things. Just because you said something mean about Paul Clinton and then he died doesn't mean anything. Okay? You know that, rationally, but your brain doesn't. Your brain is retarded, okay? Kenny, your brain is retarded.

Steve said...

On a completely unrelated note, have you seen Brokeback to the Future?

Kenny said...

Zack, you are absolutely right, especially about the hackiness of my post.

Steve: Yes.