Sunday, January 01, 2006

We Care A Lot

For those who wanted to see Stephanie's new Smart Heart Bear. You know she's smart because she's English, like Mary Poppins!


lydia said...

The embedded video thingy doesn't seem to work on Zack's parents' computer, but it's already a good post, 'cos there's a button on the right side that says, "SHARE." Aww.

Kenny said...

If you click on the main picture it should link to the real site.

Simon said...

And people pay how much for this nightmare factory?

Maybe my opinion is slanted because I just watched that twilight zone episode with the talking doll.

lydia said...

Ok, well it works now.


Kenny said...

Don't be mean to Smart Heart Bear! She is cute and delightful! And if anything, the less authentic accent makes her even better.

That Twilight Zone ep is on again, right now, by the way.

C said...

i totally thought you were doing another bad brit voice. I didn't realize it was spot on care bear.

still, smart heart is the name of a diet rich in cherrios or other whole grains, or something. they're not all named ___heart, they could have done a bit more with the name. although it is preferable to America Cares Bear.