Monday, January 30, 2006

UV Protection

May I direct your attention to Ultraviolet:

- In which we learn that Milla Jovovich with long black hair looks exactly like Selma Blair
- In which soldiers in the future wield samurai swords and wear armor made of glass
- In which the government studies mutating viruses in buildings that are actually shaped like biohazard signs
- In which the villains must bear the humiliation of of performing every scene with stuff stuck up their noses

Ultraviolet is everything that Aeon Flux should have have been. Badass future superchick assassin, except with a sense of fun and style. Action scenes that look awesome instead of lame. A lead actress who specializes in badass superchicks. A costume for her that is actually cool—changing colors, leatherish jackets and pants, dignified and not too revealing, aside from a boldly gratuitous bare midriff.

It's part Kill Bill, part X-Men, part Resident Evil, part Matrix, part a million other things. Pity those poor genetically modified super-warriors. There's CGI everywhere but it all looks pretty enough. I dig that final shot that swoops up the building and reveals her behind the soldier. I also like when the bad guy is all "Are you mental?" but the trailer shouldn't have spoiled that she's a hologram there. The jump landing that cracks the ground is cool no matter how many times you see it. The Jem song that closes out the preview is also nice.


Tommaso Sciortino said...

Lisa says: "Violet! You're turning ultra, Violet!"

Kenny said...

Yes, the title is wonderful, too.

Zack said...

This trailer doesn't do it for me. Well, Milla Jovovich doesn't do it for me.

It's hard to accept as dangerous foes that actually break like glass when you touch them. The dude from Punch-Out!! had only a figuratively glass jaw and he was still a joke.

If they're genemods, why are they such chumps?

You know what was a cool movie? Transporter.

That's all.

matt said...

I'm guessing that the armor is some sort of super-strong alloy (or polymer or whatever), but Violet is so super-strong that she shatters it.

Kenny said...

No, see, she's a genemod and that's why she's so awesome. But she's persecuted like the X-Men because the normals fear the genemods, who are out of control.

Kenny said...

btw, Zack, did you see Transporter 2?

matt said...

Is this at all different from Dark Angel? And if not, why isn't Jessica Alba in it?

lydia said...

Milla Jovovich does do it for me, but not with the black wig, and not really in those outfits either. I like the white one, but I think So Close left me a taste for girl assasins in white.