Wednesday, January 25, 2006


When you get bills in the mail, you often receive an envelope full of advertisements for unrelated things. Now, I expect my credit card company to include an offer to pay sixteen dollars for thirty-five state quarters, because I don't doubt that a credit card company would drain my blood and sell my corpse down the river given half a chance and a few dollars. But today even my cable bill came with an offer for novelty checks, fish oil pills and a life insurance policy.

FISH OIL PILL SALES GUY: Uh, hey, Adelphia, as long as you're sending that, can you toss this in there too?

No fair. Why should they be allowed to make extra money smuggling random junk mail inside real mail?

It would be great to send advertisements to them along with my payment. In fact, I could just send back the ones they sent me. Unfortunately I've already sealed all my envelopes. But next month, I'm totally doing it.


lyan! said...

wait a few decades and ship a boxfull.

lydia said...

Get on the J. Jill mailing list and then send the catalogs. Matt can help you with this.

Kenny said...

I can't send whole catalogs! It needs to fit in the envelope provided. I'm not paying extra postage for this.

Anonymous said...

Barely a comment goes by here that doesn't structually misunderstand the original post.

matt said...

Lydia is referring to the fact that long after my crazy-ass pre-Cynthia roommate moved out, I continued to receive J.Jill catalogs at least twice a month. I finally took a stack of them to the J.Jill store and demanded they tell me how to make them stop. I did what they told me and I ended up getting four a month.

Weren't there some people who left a big pile of free AOL CDs in front of AOL headquarters a few years ago?