Thursday, January 19, 2006

Resting On My Laurels

At last, American Shopper has a set of laurels to adorn the DVD covers I print out for it--and to place below its link on KBweb. Pretty snazzy, eh?

Now who's going to Wales for the festival?!  Posted by Picasa


lyan! said...

I would go, but I just made up a film festival too and that's in Greenland. Seriously. This year's selection at the Redbeard Liênhøek Film Festival is toppest of notches.

Laurels we have not, at least until we pillage them.


lydia said...

Swansea? That's pretty swank ;)

Well done, Kenny. But as they say in Wales, "Cadw ci a chyfarth ei hunan" are two separate things!

Uh, I just looked up a random Welsh proverb. I have no idea how it's meant to be used.

Boback said...

sweet. send me the new cover!

matt said...

That's awesome. I didn't even know that Welsh film festivals accepted movies with vowels in their titles.