Monday, January 30, 2006

Lucky Break

Speaking of Lindsay Lohan's bad luck, here is the latest movie in which the nineteen-year-old plays a college graduate. Doesn't anyone have some nice college movies she can spend a few years on? Apparently not. Please enjoy Lindsay as a twentysomething single girl who lives in the big city and wears too much shiny make up as she tries to look like a grown-up.

For my thesis script this year, I considered a high-concept comedy idea that would have involved a character with very good luck and a character with very bad luck somehow switching luck and having to adjust to it. Now I am very happy that I chose not to write it. To give due credit to Just My Luck, I didn't think to make it a romantic comedy--I was thinking more of a buddy comedy with two guys, so I was struggling to think of a gimmick by which their luck would switch. JML's plot device of the kiss is perfect. It makes a certain amount of intuitive movie-logic sense, without requiring any overly complicated explanation.

Then again, I hadn't really thought about my version very much. Put it this way: All I'd come up with so far was that their luck changed from a science experiment gone wrong, and the guys have to team up and use their luck to fight an evil professor who plans to harness the power of bad luck for, well... evil, obviously. So what I'm saying is, my version was so retarded, it makes this one look good. Which is another reason for me to be happy I didn't write it.

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Sarah said...

I quite enjoyed the retardedness of your synopsis.