Tuesday, January 03, 2006


I underestimated Scott Adams. Apparently he does not take breaking the fourth wall lightly. Or, as he calls it here, the "third wall." Is that a mistake, or is that what you call the fourth wall in a two-dimensional medium?

I think he just fucked up. It's a good idea, though.


matt said...

No good can come of this.

Steve said...

He talks about it here.

lyan! said...

I think he's trying to be cute, calling it the 3rd wall. I mean, it's not like they ever talk about the second and third and four walls in drama, they only talk about the fourth, so there's little chance of him confusing them, and more area for him to be cute with.

Kenny said...

Yeah, but it's conventionally known as "breaking the fourth wall," regardless of the medium, and changing that is confusing because people will assume it is an error. It's not obviously done to be cute, so whether it was intentional or not, confusion results. The negative value of confusion outweighs the potential positive value of the cuteness.

Verdict: Fuck-up. Even if it was on purpose, it's a mistake.