Monday, January 16, 2006


As several of you may know, I have a Nintendo DS now. Apologies to Zack for not yet arranging a wi-fi Mario Kart battle. I've made my way through the 50cc circuit so far, but if you are fine with racing someone with only the barest level of competence, have at it, sir.

Lately though, I've been devoting most of my DS time to Trace Memory, a sort of mediocre adventure game that is redeemed by slick anime-style graphics and my own undemanding tastes. The biggest complaints leveled against the game in reviews seem to be that it is too short and easily solved, but given my limited time and short patience, I don't consider those problems. I've spent probably three or four hours on it so far, and I'm only in Chapter Two. Granted, I don't know how many chapters there are, but I'm assuming Two can't be the last or this story has no right to have chapters. Oh, and I'm stuck on a puzzle. So there, game reviewers who say the game is over in four to five hours.

Amazon had Feel the Magic for ten bucks, and that arrived the other day. Aside from a brief Mario Kart race or two, this is the first time Stephanie has played the DS. Despite some reservations about the packaging and its potentially inappropriate exhortations to Rub, Touch, Shout and Blow, she seems to be enjoying it. So today the DS has been busy with that sort of business.

Right now I'm taking a wait-and-see approach to the suddenly out-of-print Phoenix Wright. That is, I'll wait and see if it shows up anywhere for less than fifty dollars. Lost in Blue, another adventure-style RPG, appears to be gone as well, which is frustrating because I miss adventure games and the DS hardware is uniquely suited to them.

We're looking to get some kind of puzzle game, since Stephanie likes those, and right now we're trying to choose between Meteos and Polarium. Meteos scores higher on Game Rankings, but Polarium has a glowing "best puzzle game ever!" blurb from Nintendo Power on its shrink wrap.

Also, are there any Game Boy Advance games worth getting? I feel kind of obligated to fill that extra slot on the DS with a cartridge, just so it's not sitting open all the time. So many GBA games, like Wario Ware, have DS versions anyway--is it worth it to get the GBA version? I guess I could just buy the Herbie: Fully Loaded game. It's not supposed to be all that good, but it'll fill the slot, and after all, when will there ever be another Herbie game?


Zack said...


Phoenix Wright: probably the best DS game. If you can't find it, you can borrow mine as soon as I run out of other people I've already promised it to. Also, if I run across it, I'll grab it for you.

Polarium: the only DS game I sold off. It's a low-speed, relaxing puzzle game like Lumines. I don't think it's worth it.

Meteos: fantastic, very fast, very tense puzzle game. I love it.

Lost in Blue: I haven't played it, but it looks good.


Astro Boy: Omega Factor, the best action game on any handheld, is also cheap. It has three difficulty levels, so it shouldn't be to daunting.

Wario Ware Inc and Wario Ware Twisted are both phenomenal. The DS version feels a bit rushed, actually, and both GBA versions ar better, The original is paced better, I think, and has an unlockable, fully playable version of Dr Mario as a bonus. Twisted is also excellent, extremely fun to control, and laden with a gajillion unlockable minigames.

Advance Wars is brilliant and cheap. Advance Wars 2 is also brilliant and cheap. Advance Wars DS, while brilliant, is not as cheap.

Try to avoid the ports of NES and SNES games. The smaller screen makes them all feel a bit cramped. Also, a lot of them are rush jobs. Also avoide GBA games that have a simultaneous home console counterpart, like SSX. They're never very good.

lydia said...

My poor Nintendogs haven't seen the light of day since I bought Animal Crossing: Wild World. I don't know if either of you would like AC, but it certainly is cute and addictive. Oh, and I'm REALLY looking foward to Tamagochi Connection, an Animal Crossing type game made by the Parappa people.

And maybe you remember Zack's Sept. post... the widely-anticipated Super Princess Peach comes out in February.

I like puzzle games too, so I got Zookeeper for the DS because it was cheap. It's an easy game... Stephanie might be looking for more, but if you like trying to beat your own score, the time attack mode is fun.

Also for puzzles, I totally dig the Mr. Driller games. Drill Spirits for DS is pretty good, although our favorite is Mr. Driller Ace for GBA. You probably won't be able to find it cheap, unfortunately. Mr. Driller 2 is available at EB and other shops, but Zack and I agree that Drill Spirits your better option.

I've thought about getting Lost in Blue. Let me know if you play it.

Kenny said...

I saw an import of Super Princess Peach at a local anime store.

Sarah said...

Phoenix Wright is out of print? Why? I thought it was doing well.

Zack said...

Nintendogs and Animal Crossing are two very good examples of the type of game I most fear.

Paying import prices for Princess Peach would be a waste of money.

Phoenix Wright got good reviews, good buzz, but ... apparently it sold 9,000 in the first month, which disappointed Capcom, and they stopped printing the game, so all the good word of mouth the game has continued to get hasn't helped at all.

The good news is that the Japanese version sold well and is probably still plentiful and in print. The Japanese version, for no good reason, has an English language option. Right now it's scarce on import sites (probably because western gamers are desperate for it), but it'll ... probably turn up again. said...

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Zack said...

Kenny!, Phoenix Wright, in stock, $28 plus shipping. I am also sending this via email due to the obvious urgency.