Friday, January 06, 2006

By The Book

I'm kind of half-watching NBC's The Book of Daniel right now.* The controversial series about a preacher with a family that is all promiscuous, gay, or drug dealing.

They have an adopted Asian teenage son who doesn't speak with an accent or anything. It is so weird to see on TV. However, because he is on TV he has to be all buff and studly, which is even weirder. Young, nonstereotypical Asian guys on TV are always such prettyboys. He is dating and sleeping with this blond girl and they are deeply in love, although the show seems to take pains to suggest that they don't really share any non-sexual activities. Eventually, they get caught and he falls out the window trying to escape. Oddly, the girl's mom is less upset that he's boning her daughter than she is at the prospect of "Oriental" grandchildren. Do people still worry about that? In upper middle class New York suburbia? Don't they realize that half-Asian grandkids are the the best thing you could ask for?

The daughter sells pot and draws "manga," because I guess that's trendier than drawing comics. Her manga is slightly manga-like, I suppose, but there's still more western comic influence in it than Japanese--especially when she draws her dad as a preacher superhero and her mom as a sexy dominatrix sidekick (creepy!).

After getting busted for pot, the daughter has to do community service, where she meets the ungeekiest computer geek girl ever, a hot blonde who claims to have "made two grand downloading and selling the last Star Wars movie online." Yeah, right.

Online piracy doesn't even work that way. Either you're burning DVDs to sell (on eBay or on the street or on your website) or you're downloading a movie free for your pleasure and allowing others to do the same. Why would someone pay you money to download the same thing you just downloaded for free?

Okay, I guess one way people have made money off movie downloads is by setting up pay sites that ultimately just give you access to peer-to-peer services you could have used for free, except you trick people into thinking that because they're paying somebody, it's legal. But it doesn't sound like that's what she meant.

Now that I think about it, surely there must be somebody in America who made two grand off the piracy of Star Wars III somehow, but it sure didn't ring true when this girl said it. It sounded like a Hollywood guy's imagined idea of how piracy works.

*When I started this post.


lyan! said...

I don't know about America, but I'm sure Someone in China's made a good amount of American dollars pirating Starwars.

Kenny said...

Right. I almost put "someone in the world," and then I remembered China, where millions have made thousands off Star Wars piracy, and I changed it.

Simon said...

The "oh no, not an oriental boy!" thing reminds me of Karate Kid.

I haven't seen the film in a long time so this could be inaccurate but:
The girl lives in Encino. He lives in Reseda. This is a big problem for her mother. I think at one point the mother even says something like "not that reseda boy!" or something like that.

Probably one of the best pieces of incoherent prejudice ever depicted in film.

Steve said...

I don't know anything about this show other than various religious types whining about it, which I've ignored. But it sounds from your description that they spent so much effort making the show controversial that they didn't bother to make, you know, good.

Is that accurate?

Kenny said...

It was more watchable than I expected, but not particularly good. said...

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