Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Thank you, Ryan, for that comment that rubs it in.

But I am happy to report that Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney has been acquired. Stephanie found a GameStop location where, according to the website, they actually had "1-3" pre-owned copies. It was in the Crenshaw district, which is not our usual part of town. I called ahead and they confirmed that there was one copy left. When I got there, I discovered they actually had two--one with the original packaging, one without. I got the one with packaging, natch, and was pleasantly surprised to find that I even got a manual. It was twenty dollars, as I refused to buy a GameStop discount card.

They also had Lost in Blue (one new, one used with no packaging). But I just wasn't feeling it. I didn't want to buy more than one game today. Hopefully I won't regret passing that up.


Zack said...


lyan! said...

Motherfuck. I had to pay 3900 yen for mine. Who wants to buy me games and mail them to me?

Zack said...

Ryan, if it makes you feel any better, $20 is a totally sweet deal on the game. Also, you did totally rub it in in that other post, so you were asking for it.

I do not object in principle to buying and shipping games, so long as I am compensated. How bad are shipping costs?

lyan! said...

shipping shouldn't be bad per se, but I dont know. I've only shipped from here to there. Though I think it's slightly more to go AM-JA. Things to consider though.

lydia said...

I'll send you games. I want Japanese toys!