Thursday, December 15, 2005

Yo Play

Google Video is great for watching people turn trivial skills into art. When something is at once so dazzling, spectacular and sad, you know you are witnessing greatness.

Here is a Japanese kid who came in first place in the 2a division of the 2005 World Yo-Yo Contest. Okay, so that is not nearly as sad as, say, cup stacking--first of all, the average person actually knows what a yo-yo is, so that right there is an advantage.

You know what? Scratch the condescension. It is not sad at all. It is plainly awesome. I went through a phase in middle school where I was all about the yo-yo. Carried it with me everywhere. I could do Around the World, Walking the Dog, a halfassed, panicked Cats' Cradle, and the one where you make the yo-yo sleep and then wrap it around and make it roll up over your upper arm.

All this was triggered by a friend who came back from a year or two in Korea with mad yo-yo skills. (Why is it always the Asian kids who get crazy good at shit like this?)

What a brilliant way to impress people--with talent in an area they barely even think about. You take them by surprise that way. You are amazing, yet distinctive and different. You can do something they can't do, indeed, something they never even thought to do.

My tool of choice was a Yomega Fireball. High-quality, comfortable shape, well-weighted. Do not speak to me of your butterfly yo-yos, your cheap American Duncans. Yomega knows how to make a thing that spins on a string. Beware of Yomega's "yo-yo with a brain," which might be more accurately described as a "yo-yo for people who have no brain!!" "Brain" is code for "doesn't sleep unless you throw it extra-super-hard, and if you only throw it super-hard then it still won't sleep but will rocket back into your tender palm with crushing force." This is what I learned in my days as a yo-yo expert.


Tommaso Sciortino said...

When i was on the plane I saw an add for this in the skymall catalog. I laughed out loud. The shot of the guy "freestyling" on the pogo stick kind of reminds me of those with mad yo-yo skills. That is all.

Kenny said...

did you see those videos? that was amazing. the trouble is even though it's horribly dangerous, you can't look cool while bouncing.