Saturday, December 10, 2005

A Santa Walks Into A Mall...

Some guy dressed as Santa--not a professional mall Santa, mind you--was exposing himself at a mall.

Naturally, people were bothered:

"How would you explain that to them that Santa Claus is walking around pulling down his pants?" a mall shopper said. "How would you explain that to them? Yeah, that's disturbing."

I like that nowhere does the article specify that the "them" in the quote refers to The Children, yet it is immediately clear to whom the shopper is referring.

However, I take issue with the suggestion that the incident is difficult to explain.

"Sweetie, that man is not the real Santa."

Was that really so hard?

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cyshas said...

I like your explanation for the kids. But still someone should take him out. Perverts are so nasty (from personal experience).