Friday, December 02, 2005

My Eyes Are Up Here

Was it a whole year ago that I first expressed reservations about Pixar's Cars? At long last, another teaser is out. It looks very slick--we're talking Pixar, after all, not The Weinstein Company. I love the shots of the old car sliding through the desert. The computer animation offers some lovely, dynamic angles you'd be unlikely to get shooting live-action. I like that the voice-over is done with a genuine car commercial voice rather than the movie-guy voice.

But I am still not convinced about the eyes in the windshields. It's just such a bad idea. It is such a natural, ingrained instinct to read a car's headlights as its eyes that even when I want to accept windshield eyes, I can't. I keep looking at the headlights first. When you look at a real car, there are no eyes in the windshield. But the headlights are right there, begging us to incorporate them into a car's "face." In that last shot where the old car comes over the jump and we can't see the windshield yet, I imagine that I'm looking at its face already, and then the windshield eyes show up, and I have to re-adjust.

This is no small issue we're talking about. Having too many eyes is what killed the Pontiac Aztec, which otherwise just looks like an oversized Prius. Maybe sitting through an entire movie will give a viewer time to adjust, but I have doubts.


Steve said...

It doesn't bother me. You just have to see the headlights as nostrils.

Kenny said...

Then what is the grille? The bumper is the mouth.

matt said...

Hey great! I'm really glad that I installed iTunes to get the new Quicktime just so Quicktime movies could STILL fail to load on my computer.

Apple is really giving Microsoft a run for its money in the "Jerkiest Computer Company" category.