Monday, December 05, 2005


Does anyone know a website that does English-to-Japanese translations but gives you the Japanese in romanized form? All the ones I can find put it into Japanese characters. It does not matter to me if the Japanese translations themselves are clumsy and awful, just that they sound convincing to the average ignorant person.

If not, would Ryan or Zack (or anyone else whose Japanese expertise I am unaware of) be willing to attempt to translate some very basic stupid phrases into Japaneseish stupid phrases?


Zack said...

post it already

Steve said...

I have some friends who speak Japanese. If you send me the phrases, I'll forward it on to them.

lyan! said...

Google's translator's pretty dope, but like all things Japanese translation, it's seriously flawed.

My new favorite is this site, which doesn't give you romaji, but it does give you hiragana, which is 4/7ths the battle. Although, whereas The google one'll do imput text, the second one only does websites.

If you put what you want up, I can work out the romaji for you.

But be prepared for a good percentage to be completely fucking wrong.