Friday, December 30, 2005


I am not the sort of person who carries his laptop around everywhere and pops it open whenever he gets a free moment. This is because my laptop is heavy, dim, and has a short battery life.

But right now I am in the midst of a long wait for a haircut, and I have my laptop with me because I was going to go write afterwards. And there is wireless Internet in the area, so this is pretty much the best haircut wait I have ever had (aside from the short ones). I am writing this post simply because I can.

I haven't had a real haircut in over a year, due to the numerous experiments with using the clippers at home. So that is exciting, too.

It is a long wait, though. Why do they even have six seats here if they're only going to staff two of them? Stupid women and their take-forever hairdos. It's not like this is a fancy salon. It is Fantastic Sam's.

Berkeley's gay Asian barber is once again sorely missed. He probably does not have wireless Internet, but he does have Playboy.

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