Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Fresh Episode

Here's the latest completed episode of the show I write for: The John Kerwin Show, with guest David Faustino--Bud Bundy of Married...With Children. And for those of you familiar with "Grandmaster B": Yes, we do make him rap.

Google Video was letting me down with their crapshoot verification process, which sometimes takes hours and sometimes takes weeks, so I gave YouTube a try and they have this embedded video option. You can watch without leaving the site. So I think this is what they call videoblogging, or at least it is very close to what they call videoblogging. A Herbie the Love Blog first!

Again, constructive feedback is welcome but for stronger criticism, feedback via email is preferred.


blafard said...

the sound is not synced for me. Is that my fault?

Zack said...

The sound is synced for me.

I'm disappointed he reused the "[actor who was passed over in favor of guest] is in the audience right now" joke.

I like how much time he spends with a single guest. It lets you see their less attractive side, personaltiy quirks and strange laughs and mounting annoyance, and they seem more like real people than on a normal talk show.

Kind of alarmed by Faustino's laugh, which isn't to say I don't like it.

The Nonexistents joke should be either half as long, or twice as long. As soon as I warmed up to the "the Nonexistents" mantra, it was over.

lyan! said...
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lyan! said...

oh and the sound was synced if you left the video-window open and in front, but if you went to do something else, the audio'd go, then when you clicked back, you got to watch the video at double-speed to catch up, but then eventually, it would get back to sync.