Friday, November 04, 2005


Enough with the TV ads and web banners featuring close-ups of disgusting infected toenails, and worse yet, mean little creatures prying them up like the hood of a car. Ugh. I mean, come on. How am I supposed to read my Hotmail when animated toenails are being pried open within my field of vision? Can't we handle the topic of toenail fungus a little more euphemistically, the way tampon ads use blue liquid?

I'm not trying to say I'm too good for toenail fungus cures, but no one needs to see this. Bad enough that men think wearing sandals in public is okay--we see enough disgusting toes on a daily basis nowadays.


Meli said...

Those commercials totally gross me out, too. I have a thing about the place where the big toe nail meets the skin-- when I get pedicures it makes me all oogly when they touch that part.

C said...

The first thing I thought of when I saw the commercials was, "wow, Kenny is going to hate this."

Then I realized how gross they actually are, and I can't really make fun of you for being disgusted by infected toes. Not like perfectly healthy regular toes.

matt said...

I had my big toenail surgically removed four times when I was a child. The last time they poisoned the cuticle so it would never grow again. It grew back, all right, but the poison mutated it somehow and now it's abnormal in ways I won't go into here.

So after years of dealing with the grossness of my own big toe, I'm unphased by the little cartoon funguses.

Kenny said...

I didn't want to inflict this on people here, but since Matt has introduced personal experience into the discussion:

I had some issues with my own toenail in high school, and while I don't recall any full surgical removal, they did end up doing the same kill-the-nail bit on my big toe, except they only killed the edge of it where it had really gone wrong. So I still have most of my toenail but it is slightly less wide than it once was. So I have had plenty of gross-foot experience of my own (although I admit Matt's sounds grosser).

That said, I still object to infected feet in ads, especially the painful-looking toenail-prying. isn't that a form of torture? You'd think the guy whose foot it is would jump back in pain when the monster does that, before the monster could ever climb into his toe.