Wednesday, November 09, 2005

This Is All My Fault

Sumana has written a column about the car accident she had, several months back, on her way to see me in Pleasanton. I am the carless friend referred to in the fourth paragraph. That's me!

Read the column for a detailed account of the lasting trauma caused by my inability to pick someone up at the BART station. She may never drive again.

Sumana, I'm sorry.


lyan! said...

See I have one better than that, which I bitch about to any and everyone who knows the two of us: when my girlfriend needed an EMERGENCY ride to the airport, you said that it was something you didn't feel like doing. And that was with a functioning car below you in your garage. Conclusion? Kenny is an ass. Blue house and peachy 4 is just a lil' bit o' karma. :D

Kenny said...

Oh. I'm such an ass I don't even remember that. But it sounds like something I might do. If I could remember the day I might have a better excuse. Then again, maybe not.

You have been telling everyone about this while I have forgotten about it? No wonder I have no friends.

lyan! said...

I do what I can. Ass.