Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Premature Judgment

Could it be that Hotmail is not, in fact, down like a motherfucker? Stephanie reports that it works fine from her office, and I now submit to you that it works fine from USC. While most websites work for us here at home, Hotmail is not one of them. Nor, at the moment, is Google Video or my precious American Shopper page therein.

Why is our network so retarded?

This is the second in an infinite series of posts on the arbitrary and unpredictable ways in which our Internet access is frustrating.


cyshas said...

My hotmail account is fine.
Btw, I've been getting a lot of spam on my blog comments. *_* It's painful have to keep an eye on it and continuously delete....*_* Why dont' you ahve this problem.

Kenny said...

When you comment here you may notice that you have to copy a graphic of a few random letters. That's to prevent bots from automatically spamming. You can turn on that feature in your blog settings, under word verification. It's an extra step for commenters, but at the rate the spam was coming, I decided it was worth it.

cyshas said...

Ah OK cool. Thanks for the advice. I just set it up.