Thursday, November 24, 2005

On A More Positive Note

The Office is still awesome. This season is so good. Not to jinx it, but I believe it's nearly the equal of its UK edition, and practically everything we could hope for from a remake. Plus it stands alone as an excellent show in its own right.

With Arrested Development off the air for the month, The Office is the comedy I most eagerly anticipate each week. It really captures the awkward hilarity and pathos that made the original so great, but with an original and distinctively American voice. Steve Carell does amazing work bringing delicate shadings to the character. For all his success playing clueless blowhards, it's his moments as a pathetic loser that really shine.

I did not buy the DVD of the first season. It was enjoyable and showed strong potential, but fell just short of being worth rewatching. The second season, however, I would snap up in a heartbeat. Despite the relentless plugs for Chili's.

Unfortunately, the ratings are unspectacular, despite the enviable My Name is Earl lead-in, so a third season seems doubtful. Why must I always fall in love with struggling shows? Veronica Mars also gets weak ratings, but they're on UPN, and their numbers are up from last season, so that is good. Chris and Earl are both successful and quality shows, but they don't win the love that the stragglers do. Maybe knowing that a show is doing fine allows me to take it for granted more, whereas the low-rated darlings bring out my protectiveness.

UPDATE 11/25: Touched up some embarrassingly sloppy writing.

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starbender said...

The office is a Great show!
Not a whole lot on anymore.
Happy Thanksgiving!