Thursday, November 10, 2005

Further Analysis

Actually, one part of that Variety piece makes no god damn sense.

As for "Arrested," skein returned from a month's hiatus this week, while "Kitchen" was slated to return Monday. Despite tough competition from a high-rated "Monday Night Football" matchup, "Arrested" performed about as well as it had been in the timeslot before baseball. Ratings for "Prison Break," however, took a notable dip, which is what likely prompted worried Fox execs to reverse their previous plan to keep "Arrested" on the air through year's end.

Wait, so Arrested comes back after a month, does the same numbers it always did, and then the show after it, the show that normally outperforms it anyway, drops in viewership and you blame the lead-in? Since when did they ever count on Arrested as a lead-in? Prison Break did fine even when Kitchen Confidential was sitting there losing Arrested's viewers!

If the same number of people watch the lead-in and fewer people watch the later show, maybe the problem is not the lead-in, but that people either got tired of Prison Break or fell out of the habit when that show had to take time out for baseball. There is no way that a weak lead-in could hurt a strong follow-up if the weak lead-in hasn't even lost viewers. I can understand them pulling Arrested for its own low ratings, but for Arrested to shoulder the blame for Prison Break's low ratings is pushing it. Those are some itchy fucking trigger fingers, and that better not be the reason a great show is getting cancelled.

Because if it is, I'm gonna have to go down there and, you know, challenge some people to, um, fistfights or something.


C said...

do you ever wonder if all this is a way to get free publicity? they've "canceled" the show like 5 times now.

My dad has just started to come around. The start of this week he was still skeptical, by the end he was almost sold.

My goodness, that godzilla thing was quite possibly the best minute of tv ever.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the titles of those shows are just too long. "Arrested Development": seven syllables. "Kitchen Confidential": six syllables. Also, neither of those titles lends itself to a flashy on-screen promo, like when they'd run a searchlight graphic with a siren sound effect every other inning of the World series, for "Prison Break".

The only promos I've seen for the show this year don't seem to feature the show at all - there's a voiceover about what actors are guest-starring, followed by a shot of the guest actor walking or doing something entirely uncomedic, and the announcer says when it's on.